Jabra Cruiser

Jabra Cruiser – A Bluetooth Speakerphone which lets you stream both music and phone calls – and even GPS navigation into your speakers – and it all happens wirelessly.

Jabra Cruiser Speakerphone

The Cruiser is a wireless device that collects both calls, audio and navigation from your phone and shoot the sound out through your car radio to car speakers. We tested the Jabra Crusier with The HTC Desire and were really impressed by the way we could pump out music via the Spotify application on the phone. The call quality is excellent and based on the calls we made people don’t even realise they are on a speakerphone.

The device uses two different technologies: Bluetooth and an FM transmitter. In short we can say that the phone drops the sound to Cruiser via bluetooth, and then the sound is passed through an FM transmitter to your car radio – and overall it works really well.

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Item Number: 100-47100000-60
Expect to pay: around £80 oat launch you can now get much better prices.

Jabra Cruiser is a relatively large unit measuring 127 mm in length, 62 mm in width and 17 mm in height. The cruiser weighs 85 grams.

In total there are seven buttons. On the left side you will find the power and the button that activates the fm transmitter. On the right side is a volume button – here you will find, incidentally, the miniUSB port for charging.

At the front sits three silver coloured buttons. The play / pause, ‘skip a track forward’ and ‘skip a track back’. The last button you cannot readily see, but the whole area over the three silver buttons are one big press box. It is used, among other things, to answer and end calls.

On the back is a ‘clip’ to attach your Jabra Cruiser to the car’s sun visor.

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