iPhone 4S – How much data do I need?

If you’re looking into iPhone 4 contracts and you’ve already decided which version you should buy, one of the most common mistakes to make is to underestimate how much inclusive internet data you’ll use. YouTube, emails, iMessage and web browsing all use your 3G data allowance (unless connected via WiFi). So how much data do you need on the iPhone 4S?

Before you start to compare iPhone 4S contracts on offer, let’s start by taking a look at some typical every day tasks and see just how quickly our inclusive internet gets used up.


YouTube data usage iPhone 4S

YouTube and other mobile centric video streaming sites are notorious for eating through 3G data faster than a fat kid does cakes. A 10 minute video (depending on quality) will use between 20-40MB of your mobile allowance. On a 500MB monthly data plan, that’s over 5% of your inclusive mobile internet gone after just one video! If your an avid watcher of YouTube and want to watch it on the move via your 3G connection, be sure to opt for contracts with higher allowances of 1GB or more.

iMessage and Email

how much data does imessage use iPhone 4S UK

It may come as a surprise to some that sending iMessages via 3G does count towards your inclusive allowance. Regular plain text iMessages will only use KB’s of data, but start sending videos and images and you could find that one of the best ‘free’ messaging services on offer actually ends up costing more than you might think. The same is true with email. If your sent large attachments on the regular basis and need to view them form your iPhone 4S where WiFi isn’t present, it may be worth digging deeper into your pockets for a contract with 1Gb of data.

Apps and Social Media

Unless the app you’re downloading is 20MB or less, you won’t be able to download it unless you’re connected to a WiFi network, Apple simply won’t allow it (and for good reason). This is no bad thing in itself as downloading anything over 3G that’s more than 20MB in size is likely to take a lot longer than you’re willing to wait, not to mention suck the life out of your data plan. Unless you’re an App fiend and you think you’ll be downloading more than say 50 Apps per month via 3G, most should find that a few mobile visits to the App Store won’t make any considerable dents in their data tariff.

When it comes to social media, how much data you use entirely depends on how you socialise. Regular updates on your via 3G using the Facebook app won’t use more than a few KB, but start uploading videos or watching friend’s video content and you’ll find yourself using tens of MB’s which could be enough to push you over your limit.

Facebook app data usage iPhone 4S


iPhone 4S contracts – How much data is enough?

Whilst the amount of data you’ll need naturally depends on how much you’ll use, it’s fair to say that the iPhone 4S (if used to it’s full potential) will demand more MB’s than your average smartphone. Most will find that 500MB is enough – we’d urge all but the lightest of users to stay away from iPhone 4S contract deals with any less. If you don’t want to live in the fear of exceeding your mobile internet allowance, opt for contract with 1GB inclusive data. Although more expensive, if you’re unsure of how much you’ll use, it’s better safe than sorry. You can find and compare iPhone 4S black contracts & iPhone 4S white contracts with every available data plan here at PhoneShop.co.uk.

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